Dublin’s Engrained Expansionism, Exposed Once More!

I’m sure many British people cannot begin to understand why their government is going to such extravagant lengths to accommodate the whining from Dublin.

Sure, that ratbag Enda Kenny is no longer in power there – a man who outrageously sought to meddle in the referendum…


Enda Kenny with Sinn Fein/IRA’s Blood-Beast Adams

Ulster – Does Enda Kenny Carry A UK Passport? 


….using his Fifth Column in the UK, all those hundreds of thousands of Eire citizens who are absurdly allowed a vote in a realm to which they have no loyalty.

Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

But his successor, Varadkar, has shown similar arrogance…


Eire’s ‘gay’ leader flaunts his true colours

… daring to abuse his status a a guest on British soil to push the ‘gay’ ‘marriage’ cause with a pack of queers in Belfast.

Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs! 

And now we have Eire’s External Affairs Minister, Simon Coveney, sticking his insolent snout into British internal affairs…


Gambar terkait


viz. …

“..there can be no British-only direct rule. That is the Irish government’s position.”

So who gives a monkey’s about the Eire (not ‘Irish’ please- Ireland is a geographical expression) government’s position.

It’s none of their damn business if British ‘direct-rule’ has to be imposed until a new Stormont administration emerges.

Thanks be the UK has affirmed that position, stating that “..it was for the UK administration alone “to provide the certainty over delivery of public services and good governance in Northern Ireland, as part of the United Kingdom…”


In fact one might hope that when it does emerge, no participation by the treason minority be permitted.

Blood-Beast Adams and his Sinn Fein/IRA cabal should be shown the door, sent packing to the republic whose flag they love to fly.







.wkipedia -despite gaining the support of 65% of party members (party members only had 25% of the vote in Fine Gael’s electoral college)