French Indignation Is OTT, Till They Can Do Real Chips!

I am fond of France and have French friends here in Jakarta among the expats I meet up with from time to time.

But there’s a crying need for plain speaking on this story of misplaced Gallic indignation, which I found in The Local earlier this month, about a new British version of croissants.

Just read about it and try not to drool!

….stuffed with bacon and sausages before being covered in eggs and cream and baked in the oven.



To top it off, the resulting charred mixture was chopped into squares, losing any resemblance to the croissant, whose name literally translates as ‘crescent,’

As a finishing touch, maple syrup was drizzled atop the pastry.

A nice Canadian touch that, the maple syrup.

The whole thing  sounds an absolute Sunday brunch delight!

Yet some French food fanatics are beside themselves!


French social media users were quick to express their horror. Several compared the act to blasphemy or a declaration of war…

One nutjob ranted  –  “I feel insulted not just as a French person, but as a living being in possession of a culture.”

Good grief!

Nobody’s forcing them to sample the yummy dish.

So they’re not ultimately crescent-shaped, so not technically ‘croissants,’ but once you’ve done chewing on a crescent-shaped croissant then its shape changes anyway as it drifts down your gullet.

Who cares?

And as for committing murder on another country’s cuisine, has anyone been to France recently?



Have they learned how to make proper chips yet, that would go nicely with battered cod or haddock?

No juicy/soggy rectangular fat blocks of deep-fried spud to be seen in most French cities, only those altogether too crisp tater-bits, which are okay if you make sandwiches with them…


Gambar terkait


…but even then, not a patch on a proper chip buttie, as shown above!