Macron’s Power To The People – But NO Right To Vote?

In a speech symbolically delivered in “the cradle of democracy”, on the Pnyx hill, with the Acropolis behind him, the French leader called on Europeans to “have the courage to find again the path of democracy.”

Brave words, Napoleon Le Petit!



But how does he propose to implement this commitment to democracy?

Via the ballot box?

Certainly he shows encouraging awareness of the betrayal of democracy which is an integral part of what the media seem to like calling ‘The European Project.”

Referring to previously lost EU referendums in France, Netherlands, and Ireland, he noted that “the European project was turned down by peoples” but that those peoples “were not heard”.

Mais non, Le Muppet!

Those rejections were heard by the supranational elite and their running dogs in Paris.

Heard loud and clear – which is why no further referenda were permitted!


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Ever since, the EuroCommissars have made clear that the people count for nothing in their grand design.

The in-crowd have made a mockery of democratic principles, with their absurd ECIs, those ‘European Citizens’ Initiatives,’ which have no more teeth than your average nonagenarian.


Hasil gambar untuk toothless gums


Even if a campaign gathers a million citizens behind the cause it supports, the most they can hope for is consideration by the Commissars…


…like supplicants before the Great King Xerxes.

And if the cause the signatories espouse is deemed unacceptable, they won’t even get that far! Initiatives are prohibited from being “contrary to EU values.  

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As with the Brussels establishment, so too with their puppets in erstwhile sovereign nations.

How Dare German Patriots Offer The People Democracy!

So is Macron preparing to take on this authoritarian mind-set?

Ah, no, it seems.

He wants to organise a series of “democratic conventions” in the first half of 2018 in EU countries that were willing to do so…“the peoples of Europe will be consulted and will debate on principles proposed by the governments.”

Macron to ‘rebuild’ EU with citizen conventions – EUobserver




The very idea evokes memories of those ‘mass meetings’ held at universities, which most normal students abhorred, preferring to study or do something enjoyable.


Honest hard-working citizens have more to do in their free time than sit through talking-shops, listening to yammering ‘activists,’ of the type spawned by so-called “NGOs…”

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….those ‘non-governmental’ outfits which, on closer inspection, are in fact funded by governments, European or national or local.

The likeliest to show up for Macronesque ‘conventions’ would be undesirables…



…trouble-makers active in those agitprop cliques handed largesse by their fans in power to promote the causes favoured by those fans.

If Macron were in any way seriously interested in democratic input, he has the means to do so, the referenda which have been used by French governments, since at least the De Gaulle era, to give meaning to popular sovereignty.


Crimmigrant savages in Calais


Let him put his adherence to EUSSR ‘migrant quotas’ to a people’s plebiscite.

Or the return of Madame Guillotine!