Italy – Surging Fury At Sex-Predator Crimmigrants!

The bad news is that the alien predator plague in Italy is escalating…



…but the good news is that, in consequence, migration is likely to top the political agenda in next year’s election.

The latest report shows that in the first seven months of the year 1,534 Italians were arrested or accused of rape compared with 904 foreigners suspected of the same crime.


“Some 40 percent of rapes are being committed by foreigners who make up 8 percent of the population. You can’t sweep this under a carpet!”


Gambar terkait


So says Deborah Bergamini, a Venice legislator from the Forza Italia party, and one hopes the government responsible for this surge in sex crimes will suffer for their shameful failure to curb the vermin, whom we’ve reported on often enough. 



This very month there’s more – a Bangladeshi held in connection with the rape of a Finnish girl.

Yet there’s a heck of a lot of myopic Italians still. Amazingly, a poll has shown less than half – 46 percent of Italians thought migrants represented a threat to their personal safety…


But that’s up from 40 percent in February, and WAY up from 26 percent five years ago.

So the more people wake up to the reality of multicult, the greater the prospect of a patriot coalition coming to power.

Italians are listening to reason.

Apart from La Bella Deborah, of Forza Italia, we hear Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord speaking up for Italians…


Gambar terkait



…and there’s the Brothers of Italy party, whose leader, Giorgia Meloni, has a neat turn of phrase, as befits a gorgeous lady.

“A gang of Maghreb worms,” was how Giorgia summed up perfectly the swine we referred to last week –

Mr. Mohamed, The Moroccan, Tells The Truth! 

What a treat, to hear from a politician who doesn’t mince her words!

Even before the elections, the patriot parties have got Red Renzi’s cultural marxists running scared.

His so-called ‘Democratic Party’ announced it was freezing a long-promised bill that would have granted citizenship to the children of immigrants.

But they have not repudiated the crazy plan – Renzi’s successor as PM Gentiloni insisted on Thursday it remained “a job to do…”

Be sure, they’ll bring it back if they gull enough voters to retain power next year.

One of their cabal is quite open about the opportunism of the purported conversion to common sense.

The current Interior Minister Marco Minniti, whose explanation of another u-turn.  –after months of a de-facto, open-door policy, the government finally introduced measures aimed at preventing people from leaving Libya for Italy  – is not in the least repentant, merely terrified of angry voters!

Gambar terkait

“I feared for democracy in this country!”


Translate that from Red-Speak and we see that Minitti, nobody’s fool, understands that if the government, any government, is seen to be indifferent to the crimmigrant nightmare, voters will turn to the patriot parties, as indeed is happening.

So in accordance with classic Leninist thought, all dedicated Reds will lie, and pretend to care.

Nor should we expect anything else form Minitti.

Gambar terkait

He served the Italian Communist Party for years, in influential positions, before he smoothly transitioned into ‘democratic’ politics!


An interesting report, worth reading via the link.

But what fascinated me was an insight into the mind-set of the pollsters, in whom few people in the UK or USA have much faith.

But in Italy?

Commenting on patriot party success, pollster Renato Mannheimer revealed his own prejudices. Having admitted that the crimmigrant issue would continue to predominate in the  election, he followed up with this – .

“The economy is a much more important issue, but sadly I think it will take a back seat to immigration in the coming election campaign,”


Typical leftist! No way are economic issues ‘more important‘ than immigration.

A few more euros in a pay packet, or a higher or lower level of public expenditure, are of infinitely less significance than the social mayhem and cultural disarray that the crimmigrant incursions are inflicting on one of European civilisation’s foundation stones.

And if the pollster and other leftists seek to distract the electorate with short-term economic red herrings, let the patriots hit back by asking what kind of  burden does every fresh alien swarm impose on the Italian public purse.

The German figure we read about not long ago…


German federal govt spent €20 billion on refugees in 2016: report 

…but we await a similar horrific revelation about the cost to Italy.