” ‘Fair and Balanced’ is Fraught with Difficulty!’ “

Now if a broadcasting organisation, or any part of the media, faced demands that they stage a studio interview with the Loch Ness Monster, certainly THAT would be ‘fraught with difficulty.’

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But for an  Australian politician – in this case Nick Xenophon, of the self-effacingly named NXT -Nick Xenophon Team!)…


Gambar terkait


…to use such words about the tax-funded ABC is either a piece of prize cheek or a recognition that the parasite broadcasters are incapable of falling into either category.


Like this far-left gargoyle, who remains unfired despite her gross bias displayed live on tv..

Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC’s Public Purse? 

Virginia Trioli 



Like ABC’s Jakarta cur, who was delighted to report, with no evidence to back up their lies…

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The First Cut is the Sweetest – But Best to Axe ABC Entirely! 

…the vile accusations levelled by crimmigrant boat-bludgers against the Royal Australian Navy?

I’m not too au fait with Mr. Xenophon’s ideological leanings.

But I am aware of Pauline Hanson’s, and whatever one thinks of her overall programme, she is absolutely right with the points she made this week…

“The ABC receives over $1bn a year from the Australian taxpayer,” she said during Wednesday’s Senate debate. “We are not all leftwing bleeding hearts wanting to open our borders to illegals and refugees.

“We are not all supporters of gay marriage. We are not all supporters of corrupt unions and socialist agendas.



“We are not all supporters of becoming a republic.

“And we are definitely not all supporters of destroying our Australian identity, culture and way of life to continue the push for multiculturalism and forever saying sorry.”

Coalition signals it will negotiate with One Nation over curbs on ABC

..and she is absolutely to be applauded for her efforts to negotiate with the Coalition Government to get the state media cleansed of its infestation by cultural marxists.