Pinko Twits Run Up White Flag, Discard White Robes!

Another beautiful sunny day here in Jakarta, some serious sun-bathing and/or swimming an integral part of my agenda!

But first, a contemplation of the news…

One of my happiest days in my younger years was when the final exam results were published on a bright summer’s morn.

As I walked across the quad, one of my class-mates, already at the notice-board, yelled out to me.”Ross, you got a 2.1…”


Hasil gambar untuk bliss was it in that dawn to be alive

Actually, Wordsworth’s lines began ‘Bliss was it...’ but never mind!


I did a kind of hop, skip and jump and raced across the remaining distance, where already a small crowd had assembled.

My fellow-student who had shouted was wreathed in smiles, for he had a achieved a First, and we all of us, the first ( the only one in the class) the upper and lower seconds, and the one guy who only got a third, engaged in hugs (with the girls!) much mutual back-slapping and general joy.

Having spent nearly as many hours organising and participating in opposition activity….

  • to the reds, it being the late 1960s, please note, and although things were nowhere near as bad as on the Left Bank of the River Seine in Paris, where marxists of every stripe were out to destroy both education and civilised society, there were battles to be fought…


.Gambar terkait


… so nearly as much time confronting the rabid left as with my books, my degree was better than I’d have dared expect, but everyone was happy, no mean-spirited comparisons drawn.

After four or five years, a major chapter in our young lives was drawing to an end, we’d done our best and Gaudeamus Igitur!

Now switch to 2017, in Florida, where one bright young man, Abel Urdaneta, told the newspapers this month that he and his peers “have worked hard every single day so that we could graduate with honors and be celebrated on the day we walk across the stage.”

“For some of us, it has been the motivation for us to continue to apply ourselves in our academics,” he added, with classmate Jill Dowden adding that “the majority of us feel very betrayed and upset by this decision, and feel as if our hard work isn’t being properly recognized.”

These young folks are feeling justifiably blue because their school has discarded the long-standing tradition whereby students who achieve the high ranks of earning a 4.0 or beyond have traditionally walked in a white robe, but the practice will now be disbanded at Leto High School.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, district spokeswoman Tanya Arja claimed that school leaders –

  • “want to be focused on equity at the school…”

‘Equity?’ Another buzz-word, as obnoxious as ‘diversity,’ and equally as irrelevant to academic achievement!



Frankly, Tanya and her obsessive colleagues in the school administration would be well advised to take their ‘equity’ junk-think and shove it…



..if Florida actually does have places where the sun don’t shine!

Why not just abandon exams altogether, if those who pass, and pass well, are to be denied the laud and honour which their endeavours deserve?

Whatever next?

School sports days when it’s forbidden to declare anyone in any game a winner?


Teachers want to be ‘inclusive’ and give prizes to both winners and losers…

Winning banned in two thirds of schools