Will Brandis Cop Out On ‘Gay’ Gangster Tactics?

Attorney-General George Brandis’s office did not respond to questions on Friday about whether the legislation should apply.


That’s the most fascinating sentence from a report we have just been sent from Australia, about a pack of cowardly queers attacking pro-decency students at Sydney University.


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Brandis and Turnbull, and Shorten, made much of their demands that the homo-wedding ballot debate should be conducted ‘respectfully.’

Now’s their chance to demonstrate their sincerity.

Every one of these pusillanimous gaystapo thugs, aka  – 40 to 60 activists, led by “Queer officers” of the Students’ Representative Council, which has an annual budget of $1.7 million – should be hunted down, arrested and charged.

And of course Sydney University should expel those who are in fact enrolled there as students.



I supply the link so you can read about the foul-mouthed homos and catch the video which shows why NO voters should turn out in huge numbers to show these degenerate little nazis that intimidation doesn’t beat democracy.