Will Turnbull Decree A Postal Ballot On Incest-Marriage?

The Guardian has been going nuts in its shrilling to impose homo-weddings on Australia.

Last month there was a long and frankly boring article by a pro-queer hack named Jason Wilson…


Wilson describes himself as someone who writes about  International conservative politics from a progressive perspective…an attack-dog hack, some might say, who towards the end of his diatribe finally spilt the beans with his telling question.

But why shouldn’t any citizen be allowed to marry any other? 



Hasil gambar untuk incest is wrong


So will ‘Incest Is Best!’ be the new cultural marxist war-cry if they win the postal ballot?

Fortunately decent people are fighting back, on all the aspects of the case the gaystapo are trying to make, notably the issue of bringing u children in a non-natural environment.

AMA’s endorsement of child-rearing in same-sex marriages has drawn protests from doctors and professors who accuse President Michael Gannon of ignoring adverse research in favour of dangerous, politically correct myths. An overwhelming body of research supports their case.


But let’s ignore Wilson’s bleating. I’ll leave you to read how serious professionals refute the pro-homo narrative, via the above link.