Jail The Hobart Hoodlum, Yes, But Fire The ABC Nazi, Too!

  1. I was going to let yesterday’s piece on the nasty professor’s planned psy-war witch-hunt…

…against decent parents be my final comment on the Aussie postal ballot on homo weddings, but…

===========.Astro Labe, 38, of North Hobart, is accused of assaulting former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Picture: Sam Rosewarne


This moronic gaystapoid is named Astro Labe, and he is unrepentant about his attack on Tony Abbott. He is also a foul-mouth, as you’ll see if you read the linked report.



I’d say an appropriate sentence should be a couple of years. I might have added that, if he were to write a fulsome letter of apology to Mr. Abbott, then perhaps reduce it by a day or two.

But then I read the entire report –

He said he would apologise for his actions when he appeared in court, but his opinions had not changed.

“I’m an anarchist, he’s an evil c***.”

Hobart man who allegedly assaulted Tony Abbott breaks his silence

So Ass-Trough is also a hypocrite, entrenched in his bigoted hatred but ready to grovel  in court if it might keep him out of jail.



A shame Australia has no corporal punishment because Ass-Trough is the sort of mangy-looking cur who’d be none the worse for a whipping.

One assumes his employers will do the right thing – if he is actually telling that truth that he works for a living – and fire the foul-mouthed lout.   http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/abc-newsroom-staffer-emails-good-in-response-to-expms-alleged-assault/news-story/

But equally deserving of serious come-back is the dirty ABC pro-homo who publicly applauded the Hobart hoodlum’s thuggery.

The ABC did not apologise for the email but called it a “one-word lapse in judgment.


So they don’t really mind when some pro-queer bigot applauds vicious political violence of the sort that Hitler’s henchmen deployed against their opponents?

Well, no.

“The email was unacceptable and the staff member in question, who is a technical operator and not a journalist, has been counselled,” an ABC spokeswoman said.

Bad enough but we expect no better from the Un-Australians who infest the ABC and have done for years.

But WHY has The Daily Telegraph blacked out the identity of this leftist scumbag?

His (or her!) friends, family and neighbours surely have the right to know what kind of anti-social ass they have among them?


And demand he be DISMISSED!