Mama Stasi’s Cop-Out And Boleslaw Bierut’s Betrayal

Much has been made of the AfD’s demand that Germans are entitled to review their historical perspective.

So let’s look today, as they prepare to vote tomorrow, how a pack of lawyers paid from public funds – via the Bundestag – is backing up Mama Stasi’s emulation of Pontius Pilate…

Go For It, Poles! Demand Your Fair Share of Mama’s Gold! 

 …declaring Germany is entitled to wriggle out of fair compensation for the ravages inflicted on Poland by her Third Reich predecessor.



Yes, I have written about this before, but, since Merkel’s lap-dog media –  – has been publishing negative propaganda on the issue, I feel obliged to repeat that their main argument…

how a treaty signed in 1990 “blocks any reparation demands against Germany to the present day… )

…seems a tad threadbare, since, according to the official German website, the 1990 signatories were the foreign ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany, the GDR, France, Russia, the UK and the USA.

In other words, Poland never signed that treaty!

Nor were the Poles even invited to do so!

More relevant, it seems to me, is the previous waiver signed by Poland in 1953 which gave up Polish claims.

But of course the ‘Poland’ which ratified that 1953 treaty was in no way a legitimate representative of the Polish people.

It was a Soviet puppet regime, communist cadres doing their Moscow masters’ bidding.


Boleslaw Bierut


The notorious quisling Bierut, first given the title ‘President,’ then ‘Prime Minister,’ by his  Kremlin puppeteers,  was the traitor who rubber-stamped that treaty.

Hence it deserves no more respect than a rubber cheque.

If you have, like I have, visited Warsaw, and seen the wonderful restoration of the Old Town, you will also have seen the photos in the restored Royal Castle, of what the Polish palace looked like in 1945.


Gambar terkait


But poor Mama Stasi doesn’t want to spare even small change to atone for that. Justice is not a key player in her squandering of German tax-payers’ money.


German federal govt spent €20 billion on refugees in 2016: report 

She has higher priorities, and they do NOT include the needs of the German people.


Gambar terkait


Nor even of the peoples whom the Fourth Reich is victimising, turning them into the targets of its outrageous ‘migrant quota’ scheme.

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