Spread This Cartoon – Merkel’s Sycophants Fear Its Effect!

  • So the EurocRats fear that even a cartoon that may upset Mama Stasi Merkel’s chances in tomorrow’s election?

  • And cartoons deemed detrimental to the horrid hag have been banned by a Europhiliac UK Liberal Democrat MEP?

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  • Hasil gambar untuk bearder MEP
  • Is it true that Margaret Bearder MEP rejected some of the cartoons on the basis they were critical of Mrs Merkel, just as she faces a re-election battle in her homeland. 
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  • Brussels’ censorship guidelines don’t want any material in their coming-soon show – paid for out of YOUR taxes – that reflects ANY dissent from their ideological agenda!

  • =====
  • A cartoon criticising Angela Merkel
  • Note the top left corner, with the ‘X’ for ‘censored’
  • =======
  • Here’s how they define what you may not be allowed to think about!

  • What you get to see may…

“…under no circumstances be offensive or of an inflammatory nature or contradictory to the values on which the Union is founded or likely to give rise to disturbances in the designated exhibition areas…. “


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