Expel The Reed Racist Numbskulls!

A splendid night out last night, partying in downtown Jakarta!

We had a fun debate around our table, where The Donald’s stance on North Korea was discussed with my cosmopolitan companions, Australian, German, Estonian, and two charming Indonesian ladies…

…the latter seemingly bemused at the ferocious but friendly fashion, amid jokes and beer, in which we clashed in verbal combat!.

But that’s how normal civilised folks do argue!

Alas, this morning, we look at America, where the hitherto reputable Reed College has long offered an informative and, I’d say, enjoyable course of classes –

“Introduction to the Humanities: Greece and the Ancient Mediterranean.”

But enter the imbeciles!


Reedies Against Racism maintains that it’s right, the class is wrong, and the class shouldn’t be taking place at all. The group organizes herds of protesters…



….who walk into the 300-person lecture hall, go down the aisles and onto the teaching platform, and stand around the professor while holding cardboard signs.
Read more at http://redalertpolitics.com/2017/09/18/students-protest-western-civ-course-european/

So European civilisation should be denied its place in cultural studies?

Blatant racism!

I applaud the use of the word ‘herds’ – these ‘students’ are no better than dumb animals, and whilst it would be going too far to recommend an abattoir, the least Reed College should do is follow Gil Favour’s famous exhortation…


Hasil gambar untuk gil favor rawhide

‘Get ’em up, move ’em out!’  


 Yet when these moronic reds engaged in their red nazi antics?

…some sessions have been cancelled entirely; the school could have hired additional security for the class but instead, caved to leftist demands.


Cretins like the Reed ‘herd’ do not belong in a college and should be expelled.

Read the whole story and see if you agree with me!