Can RINOs Buy Alabama? Donald Needs A Long Spoon!

After the debate on Thursday, the senator was asked by reporters why he thought Moore was ahead.


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“I don’t think he is ahead,” he responded. “I think—“

Before he could complete his answer, an aide had interrupted him.

“Next question,” Strange’s handler said.

So the RINO elite’s chosen champion is under absolute control even when asked to answer a simple question?

Not much of a recommendation, really, and a stunning contrast to the straight-talking stalwart, Judge Roy Moore, whom Strange’s puppeteers in the RINO Establishment are spending money like water to defeat in today’s Republican primary.


Roy Moore

The sheer breadth of the anti-Moore campaign has stunned Alabama’s political class: It includes non-stop TV ads, a meticulously-crafted get-out-the-vote effort, and detailed, oppo-research-filled debate prep sessions for Strange.

Typical, the political plutocracy desperate to do down the people’s man.

Arrogant elitists seeking to buy Alabama!


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Lindsey Graham


But what is so bizarre is that Donald Trump has aligned himself with a candidate exalted by  Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell!



These liberals detest The Donald and are openly obstructing Senate rule changes which might assist the conservative agenda.

Good to see Nigel Farage doing his bit…

…AND that Steve Bannon shows more commitment to the triumph of ‘Trumpism’ than President Trump himself.

Luther Strange never will.

Strange will cabal with the clique – IF he’s elected!