Indonesian Clerics Scorn Justice? Not For The First Time!

Some people never learn.

Indonesia’s Catholic Bishops’ Commission of Justice (KKP) and Peace for Migrants and Refuges has rejected the imposition of the death penalty in Indonesia.

Reading the report on the conference in the Bali news site we often use, we have to acknowledge that the KKP-KWI has done some good work.
One training programme won legal redress for an underaged child raped in Ruteng, Flores, where a prosecutor refused to impose a 10-year sentence handed down by the courts to the perpetrator.
Because of public protests that went all the way to the Supreme Court, the man who committed the rape was eventually apprehended and placed behind bars.

Yes, good the swine was apprehended, but that’s exactly the sort of case where the death penalty would have been entirely appropriate. 

Yet we have a ‘spokesman’ making the absurd assertion that “killing someone has never solved a problem. “



Bali Bomb Pigs


Every child-rapist, and every terrorist, put down permanently after conviction, can fairly be said to have solved a problem.

The filthy brutes will not molest anyone’s children, ever again.

The fanatic savages will not maim or murder anyone, ever again.


This is hardly the first time we’ve had that spokesman’s kind of guff from clerics here!

Many of us remember the long wait for justice, ten years ago, back after the conviction of the Bali Bomb Pigs.

While most decent people of every faith, and of none, would tune impatiently into the tv news night after night, while tiresome technicalities delayed their despatch to Hell…


Benny Susetyo


…we had Benny Susetyo, Secretary of KWI Commission for Interfaith Dialogue, rabbiting that “it is clear that a death sentence would not be able to “reduce” the number of crimes and the brutality of criminals…”


The execution of three brutal criminals automatically ‘reduces’ their brutality, along with themselves, to zero threat level.

It also removes three clear and present dangers to society, as far as Indonesia is concerned, because we know that sectarian terrorist vermin are FAR too often released before the sentences they get are served.

Just think back  to quite recent events.

Sarinah Attack – Terror Convict, Freed Early, Faces Charges! 

…and to other cases!


Hasanuddin the Pig

Hasanuddin the Pig

Indonesian Beheaders of Schoolgirls – Poso Pigs Up For Parole Soon? 

Then think back to Bali – 2007!


Benny thought  the lives of the scum who did this should be spared?


When we actually think back to what those jihadist scum did, all those young innocents turned into bloodied corpses, the essential rightness of capital punishment is indisputable…except to Benny!

I think Amrozi merits life imprisonment not death. It is also a very heavy burden”.

Not for Amrozi!

…in the letter signed by the terrorist, he says he is ready to “take up the jihad once again” should he be saved from the execution block…

INDONESIA Catholics in Indonesia: “No death penalty for Bali terrorists”.

Hasil gambar untuk nuns with guns


I often criticise another kind of clerics…Many Islamic Scholars Are ‘Former Prisoners and Thugs!’ Gosh! If WE said that…  now that I’ve said my piece about a gathering of pastors, religious figures, laity, nuns, community leaders and other members of the Catholic Church…”

 Let nobody say I am anything but even-handed!