Unpatriotic Epidemic Spreads To Canada? Cure Required!

Canada had a long record of slave-trading, of course, and it is a well-established historical fact that maltreated slaves…


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…held in cruel bondage and whipped daily by overseers, fled across the border to the USA to seek freedom from oppression.



Tommy-rot, as they say.

When I was a kid in Stratford, we had but one black family in the whole town, and, as it happens, they attended the same church and were therefore occasional guests in our farm-house.


I admit that, at the age of seven, having only seen black people in Tarzan movies, I did once ask Mr. —- ( no name, as his descendants may still be around)  – very politely – if he possessed a spear…

…to which he equally politely replied that no, he didn’t!

In the big cities there may well have been more of what are perhaps these days termed ‘Afro-Canadians,’ but there were never any reports of inter-racial trouble that I recall.

Nowadays, of course, trouble exists, and is exacerbated by trouble-makers, copy-catting America’s BLM racists.

Racist BLM Haunts The Ruins Of ‘Toronto The Good!’ 

So although appalled, we must not be too surprised at the story in the Daily Caller.

Now Canadian League Football Players Are Protesting Canada’s Anthem

 On Sunday, before the game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders, the Roughriders players locked arms in solidarity while “O Canada” was sung before fans in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Even when I was a kid in Stratford, I knew full well that good Canadians stand to attention when the anthem plays, arms at their sides, not inter-locked with whomsoever happens to be handy.

How dare these over-paid oafs diss ‘O Canada!’

The actual Canadians amongst them should hang their heads, not lock their arms. As for the American players in Canada, we have to ask if their duty of respect for the Dominion in which they are guests is somehow of lesser significance than screwed-up notions of racial solidarity?

I echo Trump.

Fire the SOBs!