Kasihan Joker! How Sad! East Jakarta Bully-Bigot Bashed!

Pouring down outside, but sometimes a rainy day can still be a fun day…



….and I hope readers everywhere can find a ray of sunshine to brighten up their lives.

Certainly the obnoxious brute who, carrying sharp weapons and shouting…


… terrorised Christian children attending a Saturday service in a Jakarta low-rent apartment block on Saturday…


watch and listen to the armed, hate-spewing lout…oh, and get this captivating description – he is known as a popular de facto Islamic authority in their neighborhood…

…does not deserve a happy week and so far he’s not having one…

…after getting duffed up by some angry citizens who may have found the swine’s subsequent ‘apology’ unconvincing.


Hasil gambar untuk Pulogebang joker fpi

Kasihan! Oh, poor ‘Joker!’


However, the report in the Jakarta Post makes disturbing reading.

Apparently the pig-ignoramus, named M. Nasoem Sulaiman ( inexplicably nick-named ‘Joker’) attended a ‘mediation’ meeting, along with one of his victims, named Inggrid, after his disgusting intimidation of the children, a meeting attended also by the police!

Like, uh, what’s to ‘mediate?’

He should have been arrested, and of course fired by the apartment management from his job as a ‘handyman!‘ (handy with what, sharp weapons that terrify tiny tots?)

Having watched the video, a question arises – who is that sneaky-looking creature in the white cap and shirt standing immediately behind the lout?

That kind of outfit is often sported by a notorious sectarian thug-gang here in Indonesia.

Some investigative reporting, please!