Exposing Brussels Bluster, Poles Show REAL Solidarity!


Migrant savages storm Macedonia


Polish border guards have caught some 120 illegal migrants in Macedonia, Poland’s interior minister has said, adding that European Union policy was worsening the bloc’s migration problem.

Polish border guards catch 120 illegal migrants in Macedonia

Too true!

And how refreshing that the Polish Minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, reminds us how snaring alien savages on the Macedonian borderlands, one of Europe’s frontlines, showed Poland’s “solidarity!”

That’s a much more practical and positive sort of solidarity than bowing to Brussels’ crimmigrant quota system…

Hasil gambar untuk say no to brussels

…the iniquitous scheme by which Mama Stasi’s and Red Renzi’s hordes are shifted onto other countries.

One can understand why Merkel wants them shifted…

Almost Half of Crimes in Berlin Committed by Migrants


…but why should Merkel have any right to expect governments who did NOT import undesirables wholesale to suffer the consequences of her ruinous policies?.

Minister Blaszczak went on to say that it was his job to convince other European Union countries to ditch a migrant relocation scheme.

“These mechanisms are a magnet attracting further waves of refugees.”

Too right, mate!

More power to the Polish Border Guard on that southeastern frontier, and to Poland’s patriotic government, as it girds up to oppose an even more deadly menace than those 120 illegals…

Napoleon Complex? Little Corporal Macron Scolds Poles! 

…the wicked vendetta launched by the Mama Stasi and her EUSSR comrades.