UK’s May Tells Jokowi – ‘Don’t Put Down ISIS Terrorists!’

Bad enough that Theresa May won’t stand up to Brussels and start executing evil jihadists who murder innocent Brits.



But now she’s lecturing Indonesia, telling President Jokowi that under NO circumstance should he put down the sort of rabid ISIS rape-gang followers…

Satanic ISIS Threaten Indonesia Blood-Bath! 

…who are known to be prowling the archipelago, planning terrorist onslaughts.

Theresa May’s arrogance is revealed in a long Jakarta Globe report on the latest UN sticky-beak diktats, which included a recommendation to abolish the death penalty.

May was an MP back eleven years ago, when Indonesia did the honourable thing and shot those three Bali Bomb scumbags…


Evil Bali jihadists, executed ten years ago


…but I don’t recall her bleating back then.

Her own British constituents in Maidstone, Kent, would have been outraged!

Yet this month, under her clear orders, the British representatives on the UN panel – United Nations Universal Periodic Review – were mouthing typical Brussels bilge.

The United Kingdom said it “regretted that the recommendations on the moratorium on the use of the death penalty had not been supported” and repeated its call that no evidence suggests death penalty is a more effective deterrent than alternative forms of punishment.

What utter hogwash!



Of course if you kill a rabid cur, it will neither attack more victims nor infect other animals!

All credit to President Jokowi for refusing to kow-tow to a clique of supranational know-alls…

…though one might add, hopefully, that if he ordered that all sectarian savages convicted of terrorist offences here were put to death, instead of merely being jailed for a few years…

More Soft Jakarta Sentencing – Mere 8 Years For Terror Bint! 

The proper penalty for terrorists


Sarinah Attack – Terror Convict, Freed Early, Faces Charges! 

….then allowed out of prison early, innocent lives would have been, and could still be, saved.