Health-Freak War On Sausage Rolls? “Stick To Teaching!”

Head teacher Heather Lacey said the vast majority of parents supported the ban…

What a tiresome, dictatorial dullard Lacey must be!

And what kind of double-talk does she speak, from her bunker in Shirley Manor Primary Academy, in Bradford, Yorkshire, Merry England?



She says clearly that it’s a BAN, but then we read that pupils are encouraged to show their packed lunches to staff before and after they have eaten.



If the youngsters are merely encouraged to show staff what they have been given by their parents, then it’s up to the kids to do so, or not.

Yet Ole Misery-Guts Lacey says it’s a ban?

… pork pies, sausage rolls and pepperoni sticks should not be included and neither should fruit squash or flavoured water….

One can only agree 100% with one of the dads, who says that she and her sort should-

Stick To Teaching Kids!


Since when have school heads become diet despots?

Although schools are legally required to provide meals that comply with the government’s School Food Standards, they are able to set their own policies on packed lunches.


Hasil gambar untuk bakso tikus


Well, of course if some demented parent were found to have stuck a bakso tikus snack in a child’s lunch box, there’d be a case for intervention.



That dreaded phrase is heard here sometimes, when unscrupulous street vendors are caught seeking to save money by using rats as the main ingredient of their meat-balls!

But sausage rolls?


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Who doesn’t love sausage rolls?