Vermin Outbreak In Marseilles – Start Deportations Now!

The Evil Within


Two people have been killed during a knife attack at a Marseille train station, according to police.

That’s two innocent women, by the way, murdered in this latest satanist onslaught.



The assailant, who was reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ was shot dead by an army patrol at the scene. 

French soldiers shoot dead knife attacker who, shouting ‘Allahu …

So NOW will France take the obvious, albeit belated step, against the jihadist savages, given that last year we read this headline –

French terror police says 15,000 Islamic radicals on watch list


Or if they are not of alien origin, give them a choice, go to some hell-hole that will take them…


…or get locked up until the jihadist war is over – say, once ten years have passed with no further sectarian atrocities!