Crimmigrant Collaborator MP Convicted, Yet UNPUNISHED!

A Swiss regional politician was convicted Thursday for helping 24 migrants to illegally cross from Italy into Switzerland and for repeatedly inciting others to do the same.  

And here’s the subversive, smugly looking down her nose at the people she was elected to represent.

Gambar terkait

Yet convicted of a crime akin to treason, this Socialist Party legislator has been…


…sentenced to a suspended fine…!

She helped Eritreans and Syrians stuck at the train station in Como, near the Swiss border, in mid-2016…



...with not the faintest humanitarian excuse, because, as the judge recognised, the migrants “were not in a country at risk but in Italy, and could have been helped there.”

So by what possible logic can the prosecutor have brought himself to say that Bosia Mirra’s intentions were good?

Or that these crimmigrants’ circumstances may have been tragic!

There is no evidence to show that either the traitress’s intentions were good or that those illegals were in any way ‘tragic‘ figures.

We’ve protested against the sad-sack sentences handed down by British courts, a few months or a few years to swine who sneak illegals into the UK…

British Scumbags Get 30 Months? NOT Enough! 

But the Swiss judiciary, and, so it seems, the prosecution agency, appears to need a major overhaul, if they refuse to take seriously this kind of  criminal activity by rotten reds.