France24 Gives Platform To U.S. Far-Leftist Liz Jaff

Almost embarrassing to watch such a sycophantic ‘interview,’ on France 24 last night, with their little Australian hackette…


…Annette Young, who offered not a single critical word to the American Liz Jaff…


Gambar terkait

quote ‘How could anybody vote for Trump?’


…who trotted out a litany of detestation of Donald Trump.

As you can learn from on this leftist site –  –  Jaff is unashamed about her enthusiasm for the racist BLM gang.

Sadly, Ms. Young never did what a serious interviewer is meant to do, challenge the suppositions on which her guest based her case.

Quite the contrary, she pandered to Jaff’s prejudices, with stuff like how ‘Democrats are traditional defenders of health care and education..’

That would be a perfectly acceptable claim – IF Young were a paid Democrat propagandist.

But her job is to inform, not persuade.


Baba Yaga Ginsburg

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Same goes for Young’s quote from Baba Yaga, aka far-left ‘Justice’ Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, that ‘sexism’ was a key reason for Clinton’s defeat last year.


Ooops! Wrong Clinton photo


Instead of pressing Jaff on the validity of this rubbish, instead of even suggesting that the stench of corruption that shrouds the Clintons….

Clinton Cash Clique, Campaigning for Crimmigrants! 

….or Horrible Hillary’s notorious u-turns, might have had more to do with Trump’s win, Young gave her guest free rein to rant.

Again, if Young’s job is that of cheer-leader for the Media  Democrat Party, no problem. She’d be earning her fat salary. But she’s not paid to play pat-a-cake with pinkos, is she?

Young’s theme was ‘The 51%’ – i.e. women.

OK, so why doesn’t she bring in a different example of American womanhood?

There are plenty, after all, some of whom we have featured here.


Gambar terkait

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Or Annette Young could easily have asked somebody from this organisation to come along and balance the bias she shamelessly displayed.


But then it’s France24 we’re talking about, which proudly proclaims that its ‘media partner’ is The Daily Beast!