Appeal For Info – When Were The UK Tories Castrated?

Living in the UK during Mrs. Thatcher’s era, of course I took an interest in politics and I very distinctly remember watching tv reports on the party conferences.

I found the Tory Party’s annual get-together annoying, because although the grass-roots members DID have the right to debate and vote on the motions…


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…their right actually to propose motions was carefully controlled by the party establishment.



If my memory serves me well – which it usually does – the members were given a one-off special treat each year, a ballot that allowed them to choose ONE motion, out of maybe a dozen or so, that THEY wanted to debate.

If they were so ungrateful as to indicate a preference for a motion not to the in-crowd’s taste…


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Tory Central Office, Smith Square, London


…the stuck-ups who ran Conservative Central Office ( appointed, not elected )  would swing into strong-arm mode, going around each branch delegation, bullying or cajoling them into voting AGAINST the motion they themselves had voted to debate.


The supine character of rank-and-file Tories was such that the bigwigs never failed. But at least there was a hazy commitment to let Conservative members have some say in their own party.



Times have changed.

Or so it seems, if a pro-democracy Conservative reformer is to be believed – and I certainly believe him.

“This calamity arose because just a few people drafted the manifesto. Oh, for the days of the party conferences when we had motions for debate, and a vote at the end of them,” he said. Activists at Conservative Conference have opportunities to address the auditorium but there are no votes on policy motions.


Can any of the remaining REAL conservatives in that once-great party tell me when the act of political castration occurred?

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When was democracy excised from its deliberations?

NOW I understand what Theresa May meant when she declared that, notwithstanding her position as Conservative Party leader…



….her own allegiance was to the ‘liberal democratic values’ she shares with the EuroCommissars.

PS – If you are an honest Tory, which must qualify you for ‘protected species’ status, here’s a link to that brave dissenter’s group.

Campaign for Conservative Democracy