Fresh Air And Aussie Exercise? No, A Dose Of ‘Diversity!’

One used to expect that going to the doc would result in serious medical attention, along with a bit of sensible advice.

An apple a day, or get some fresh air and exercise…something like that.

Not any more, not in Australia, at least!

Now it’ll be an ‘inclusion’ injection, or perhaps a dose of ‘diversity…’



….after a contemptible surrender to the ‘gay’ lobby’s harassment  – aka bitter criticisms…


Gambar terkait

… has coerced the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, who only last week had maintained a professional neutrality-  that same-sex marriage is a “matter members should consider … carefully for themselves” –  into abandoning their principled refusal to knuckle under…



…bleating that their u-turn was “part of valuing diversity and inclusion…”

What the hell have either ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusion’ got to do with applying a stethoscope to  the torso, or writing a prescription?