‘Russian’ Asylumer (And Non-Bomb Maker!) ‘Avoids Terror Charge!’

Always pull on your wellies when reading The Leftal, sorry, The Local, if the story relates to undesirable alien ‘asylumers.’




Because you have to wade halfway down the page before you get a fully accurate account of what’s going on.

Their report on a court case begins with – ‘A 17-year-old Russian citizen who caused a bomb scare in Oslo earlier this year will not face terror charges when his trial begins on Monday.

OK, so is his name Boris, or Vladimir or Nikolai?

 That takes some serious wading, till we reach the end of the report and remain in the dark.

No photo, either, of course!

We must use our imaginations!

It’s almost as long a slosh through the muddy waters of sloppy reporting before we find that he’s a Russian citizen with heritage in the North Caucasus region…


North Caucasus includes Chechenya and Dagestan


…the teenager arrived in Norway in 2010 with his family as an asylum seeker and has a Norwegian residency permit…


So is he a Chechen, like the Boston Bomber, or from next-door Dagestan, also a frequent source of trouble?

No info!

How this  17-year-old alien repaid his host nation’s generosity is explained clearly enough, however.

He was found in possession of a bomb-like device, which police later described as containing lighter gas and nails….

Yet he ‘avoids terror charges?’

After initially being charged using Norway’s terror paragraph, a much milder charge, relating to possession of explosive materials, is now being applied in the case.


The question comes down to when is a bomb not a bomb.

It is the view of the prosecuting authority that this object on its own was not as explosive as [terror] paragraph 142 stipulates,” state prosecutor Marit Bakkevig…

Oh yeah? Not QUITE as explosive? Not NEARLY as explosive?



How far did the poor teen’s toy fall short of the deadly definition?

As for the defence case – the alien is pleading ‘not guilty,’ of course,  although the accused was known to Police Security Service (PST) before the incident. Naturally, he denies having been in contact with radical Islamist networks…

So what was he KNOWN for?

No answer…

So let’s brighten our day by noting that his lawyer, a gent by the name of Javeed Shah, explains his client was “curious” about explosive devices like the one he later made after watching videos on YouTube.

WHOSE videos?

No info!

Curiosly, the curious lad has not offered an explanation as to why he was carrying the device through a busy part of the Norwegian capital on a Saturday evening…


Mr. Shah keeps us in paroxysms of mirth with this gem.

“He is very unclear in his explanations in this regard. As previously mentioned, this is a 17-year-old boy who was curious about this and that. With regard to intent it is difficult for him to answer…


On that last point, few of us will disagree with Mr. Shah!

And who can doubt the attorney’s assertions that his client is  –


Gambar terkait

…incredibly happy not to have been charged with terror.

I’ll bet he is!

It seems we must wait till next week to learn what the court will do about this obnoxious ingrate slug.

It will certainly not be punishment enough.

I’m unsure whether I’d favour prompt deportation or the death penalty, but there’s no capital punishment available…