“This. Woman. Was. A. Risk.” Oz Gaystapo’s Ugly Face!

Canberra teen sacked for opposing same-sex marriage says young people fear being ‘bullied’ for voting no

A CANBERRA teen sacked for opposing same-sex marriage says many young people are “terrified” of speaking out.


Gambar terkait

 “Today I fired a staff member who made it public knowledge that they feel ‘it’s okay to vote no…’’

Madlin Sims, of Capital Kids Parties.

Is that a witch’s hat this hateful witch-hunter’s wearing?

Even Facebook removed this vindictive woman’s words as ‘hate speech!’

“This. Woman. Was. A. Risk.” the blonde bigot said about her teenage victim. 


Nice to see so much support for the decent young lady who’s now out of work.


Our Australian readers – and anyone, anywhere, nauseated by the malignant Madlin Sims should join in the outrage and tell her so.

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