What Next, Guardian? Posthumous Column By Ian Brady?

 ‘Here’s what they must do…’

Our experience…..is that no conflict is intractable.


You can read the Sinn Fin/IRA swine’s yammering on the Spanish situation if you wish, but I’m just curious.

If the Guardian is going to give an unrepentant terrorist gang leader a platform to instruct us on how the international community, including the US and EU, made very positive and constructive contributions…



…to the development and success of the Irish peace process – and therefore on what the sovereign Government of Spain ‘MUST’ do…

  • ==
  • Ian Brady

  • Ian Brady, Moors Murderer
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…why did it never give the Moors Murderers similar space to share their insights on child care?

Why, when the Kray Brothers were still alive, were they not invited to discuss London’s social problems?

If the ISIS rape-gang’s caliph is, after all, still alive…


….will he soon get a large space on a Guardian page to contribute his wisdom on women’s rights?

In terms of moral equivalence, there may be some degrees of variation between leaving an innocent girl to drown, strangling helpless children, carving up victims of gang violence…


….and the monstrous evil perpetrated by Adams’ fiendish pack.

How does the Guardian draw its distinctions these days?Is there ANYONE so foul that the Guardian won’t provide them a platform?