Please Be ‘Offended’ – And Vote In This Poll!

I don’t get offended easily.

Outraged, yes, when I watch CNN.

Fake News = Hate News, So Stop CNN Incitement! 

Appalled, absolutely,  when I read The Guardian.

What Next, Guardian? Posthumous Column By Ian Brady? 

But offended?

Yeah, maybe, but that’s my problem. Life is not meant to be easy and if you or I get offended now and then, tough!

Suck it up, grow up and get on with it.


That’s what I would say to an uptight, arrogant Aborigine named Ben, in Brisbane, who doesn’t like golliwogs.

The intolerant ass saw some on sale in a shop. And he was ‘offended,’ although nobody was trying to force him to buy one. He ‘complained.

How dare he?

I AM OFFENDED, on behalf of all the other, less uptight people, normal people, who don’t get as easily ‘offended’ as Bleating Ben, and who have every right to buy a golliwog, just as that Australian shop has every right to sell them!

If you agree, please follow that link and vote in the newspaper’s poll!

PS – so far, the uptight intolerants are losing, badly!