Sectarian Barbarism – Alive And Thriving In Pakistan!

Three members of Ahmadiyya community sentenced to death in Pakistan



Three Ahmadis, to die at the hands of primitive savages?

The report from Pakistan immediately brought to mind the Cikeusik Pogrom here in Indonesia, February 6th 2011, three blameless Ahmadis slaughtered by an evil rabble, a thousand sectarian scumbags…


Cikeusik, Banten Province, February 6th, 2011.

Watch the pigs at their bloody work on this link..


Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

…but there’s one key difference.

The innocent victims of wicked Islamists then were bludgeoned to death by a mob of cowardly swine, not one of whom was ever charged with murder.



Disgraceful and a stain on Indonesia’s reputation  – but down to inaction, not directly done by the judicial arm of the state.

The latest news, in contrast, refers to what Pakistan presumably  would have us believe is a court of law!

  • Three members of the persecuted Ahmadiyya community have been sentenced to death in Pakistan’s Punjab province for committing blasphemy by tearing up posters that demanded boycott of the minority sect.

  • Law, maybe, but a parody of justice!

  • In fact what was done there last week exposes Pakistan as one of the most backward and bigoted countries in the world, downright wickedness dispensed by judges who are beneath contempt.

  • Persecution of people for how they choose to worship is intolerable, especially people like the Ahmadis, who are absolutely peaceful, good citizens wherever they live…

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  • ….and in every way inoffensive, except to benighted brutes, is an affront to humanity.

  • According to police official Muhammad Ashar, the people had displayed posters in the village urging social boycott of the Ahmadiyya community which three people had teared down. “The posters carried Islamic verses,” he said.

  • If it weren’t such an affront to decency, the scandalous ‘proceedings’ would be near laughable!

  • They have also been fined Rs 200,000 each and in case they don’t pay the fine, they would undergo six months of rigorous punishment.

  • Well, Hell, I’m sure that’ll vex them no end!

  • Will their six months of rigorous imposed before, during, or after their execution?

  • Speaking of Hell, I reckon one individual who will end up there sooner or later is the person who presided over a ‘trial’ more reminiscent of a mediaeval witch-hunt…

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  • ….than an exercise in dispensing justice.

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  • District and Sessions Judge of Sheikhupura district of Punjab province Mian Javed Akram  announced the verdict on Wednesday after the prosecution submitted evidence and presented all witnesses in the case…
  • ….The convicts admitted before the court that they had removed the posters for demanding social boycott of Ahmadiyya community but not to commit blasphemy.
  • Oh, yeah, it was those verses that did for them!

  • All hope is not lost.

  • Their counsel will challenge the verdict in the higher court.

  • But let’s look at the broader picture.

  • The report reminds us that it was the military dictator Zia ul Haq who made it a punishable offence for Ahmadiyyas to call themselves Muslim or to refer to their faith as Islam.
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  • The community is also banned from preaching as well as from travelling to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. They are also not allowed to publish any material propagating their faith.
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  • Rather than giving Pakistan brownie points for rescuing Killer Khadr’s sometime brother-in-law this week, President Trump, and every leader of every civilised country…

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  • ….should tell the government there that until the monstrous persecution of Ahmadis ( and not only Ahmadis – Memo – Satanic Taliban Are NOT Pakistan Christians’ Only Enemies!  ) is extirpated from their state system, no further Western aid of any sort will be provided.

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  • And it might be no bad idea to add Pakistan to the list of countries that The Donald drew up as sources of mischief.