You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound-Dog, Says Racist Yasmin!

Only a day ago we noted the vitriolic anti-American hatred emanating from the BBC’s beloved bigot, Yasmin Alibhi-Brown.

BBC’s Ghastly Biased Guest – ‘Trump Is Itching For War!’ 

And thanks to an attentive reader, we updated that to expose Yapping Yasmin’s racist rant…


Gambar terkait


…on a previous edition of the same BBC propaganda show.

What I didn’t report on, the other day, was what (if it’s) Brown ( flush it) had to say about real British people battling for the independence which Brits chose freely on June 23rd last year.


It crossed my mind, when watching her hateful face, that a bitch is entitled to use canine language when insulting freedom fighters.

But since I was focusing on her Trumpophobia, it made sense to save her abusive tirade for a second bite at the old bat, hence today I was going to offer a brief summary of her rabid rant…


…but I’m delighted to see that the Express has picked up the story!

They note there was an American guest on the show who criticised Juncker, but I should point out that he was NOT identifiably pro-Brexit in any way.



As for the BBC ‘anchor,’ he’s sat through week after week, knowing full well that those selected panellists are

A  – ALL hostile to Trump and

B – ALMOST ALL hostile to Brexit.

This is very clearly deliberate BBC policy, so I think the Express is damning the man with faint praise. .

‘Someone defend Britain!’ BBC anchor hits out as anti-Brexit Europhile panel mocks UK

…though best you watch Dateline yourself!