Bergdahl Should Be Shot!

Something of an American morning here, as I idle indoors waiting for somebody to drop by.

Having posted twice already on events in the USA…

Hallowe’en Horrors? But Are Target Toilets Scarier? 

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…here goes with another!

While obviously it’s good that Bergdahl’s admitted his guilt…


Another Obama Bad Deal!


…it’s a shame he’s apparently not to be executed. Desertion in time of war has traditionally carried the death penalty.



Keeping Berdahl alive runs the risk that he will get a pardon from some future White House sicko, just like Obama chose to let Manning The Thing out, as one of his last acts.



Had Bradley the Bugger ( or is it Bradley The Buggered -one doesn’t really want to know!) been put to death, there’d have been no possibility of early release.

When Bergdahl emerges from prison, he will likely land a job as military consultant with CNN.

Or maybe even be drafted as a Democrat legislative candidate? They’re not fussy!

Another good reason to give Donald Trump a second term, to ensure the swine will at least serve for some years yet…