Let’s Stun Calais Scum – Give The Pole A Royal Pardon!

What a grand people are the Poles!


It’s not just the ones I’ve met, although they’ve always proven to be fine folks.

It’s a deep admiration for their courageous tenacity, after America and Britain betrayed them most foully at Yalta, sold them into marxist slavery for the worst part of half-a-century.

Now they are free again, and not only free but as brave as ever…



…standing up to the EUSSR, just as they never gave in to the USSR.

But today’s news is fresh cause for solidarity, a sensible young Polish trucker reportedly charged with a criminal offence on Britain’s M1 motorway, because, having had to travel through Calais, he’d taken prudent precautions against the savage scummigrants there.

Jakub Zdunek, 28, was arrested for possession of a fire-arm, at an M1 service station, after police found a stun-gun in his lorry.


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Just the thing for illegal aliens!


Happily, when he appeared in Nottingham Crown Court, and pled guilty, Judge Stuart Rafferty QC showed sense and gave the young Pole a two-year conditional discharge.    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4985166/Driver-bought-stun-gun-protect-migrants.html#ixzz4vgWa3y6B 

  • That’s the best His Honour could do in the circumstances, and means the accused basically got a warning.

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    But I’d have thought a pat on the back would be more in order. Otherwise, he, and all truckers, may feel inhibited when facing the need to give crimmigrants their just deserts.

  • First, a fair number of undesirables would no longer be in a position to menace law-abiding citizens… and…

  • ..as a logical consequence, far fewer of the swine would any longer be interested in causing trouble!

  • But meanwhile, perhaps HM The Queen could grant Mr. Zdanuk a Royal Pardon.

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  • The conditional discharge means there was no shadow of a doubt in the court that the man standing in the dock was without any malign intent, but it would be an act of generosity to have it expunged it from the records.

  • Just a thought!