Meskipun Busuk Banget, Zombi2 Masih Bisa Hot, Ya?

Just the headline in Indonesian, so relax.

I know The Walking Dead have plenty of local fans here in Jakarta but I’m sure they don’t need me to celebrate the return of the zombies!

I of course watched the first part of the new series and highly promising it was.


Hasil gambar untuk new series 8 walking dead


However, many people due to work or, here, Jakarta traffic jams, have to miss the initial show and have to view the repeats the next day, so I’m saying nothing to spoil it for them.

Instead, I’m choosing to go off on a tangent about the female zombies.


Hasil gambar untuk female zombies walking dead


Why do they always wear long dresses, or trousers of some sort? Just because you’re dead, no need to be drab, surely?

Never once have I spotted a decaying corpse lurching to and fro in a cute miniskirt, or anything like this one…


Hasil gambar untuk female zombies mini skirt.


…who is NOT from The Walking Dead!

Such  a pretty putrescent probably find her hunt for prey much easier than the rotting wretches we see on WD every week!

Any theories?