Oppressed Christians To Worship In Jakarta D-G’s Mansion?

We have noted, without any obvious delight, how Jakarta’s new Deputy Governor, Sandiaga Uno, is eager to promote ‘shariah tourism’ in the city.


Hasil gambar untuk sandiaga uno rumah resmi jalan denpasar

Get Your Tickets Soon – Jakarta Shariah Tourism Boom? 

But how about his latest statement, that the super-posh mansion allocated to him as his ‘official residence’ in the capital’s classy Kuningan district, will now be ‘open 24 hours a day and seven days a week‘ for ‘Quran study groups?’

Hasil gambar untuk sandiaga uno rumah resmi jalan denpasar


If that were all he said, non-Muslims would rightly be concerned.



…good to see that he was careful to add ‘and citizens activities,” and – wait for it…

  ‘for Christian citizens who wanted to hold Sunday services..

And let’s not forget that in modern Indonesia there are some ‘Christian citizens‘ who may not only ‘want‘ but also desperately NEED somewhere to hold Sunday services!

There’s the congregation of Filadelfia HKBP church…

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…and there’s the congregation of GKI Yasmin church..…

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…who still, years after they were shamelessly prevented from using their churches to worship God, come together, every other Sunday, to hold services on the street, across from President Jokowi’s palace, services I sometimes attend.

Will our new Deputy Governor drop by next month, to extend an invitation?