Petition Against Child Abuse in British Columbia

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A brave, good man, this Barry Neufeld, of Chilliwack, in British Columbia, where decadents are trying to force him off the local school board, after he quite splendidly denounced as “biologically absurd” a new curriculum which instructs teachers to recognize students’ right to self-identify their gender…

Even better, he identified this “latest fad” of “allowing little children to choose to change gender” as “nothing short of child abuse.”

He’s served on the board for over 25 years and is obviously old enough to remember when Canada was a country that operated on decent values.

But the whole left’liberal freak-show is piling in against him –


…including an unprecedented joint statement released Wednesday—on behalf of Fleming, the BCTF, the B.C. School Superintendents’ Association, the B.C. School Trustees’ Association, the B.C. Principals and Vice-Principals’ Association, the B.C. Association of School Business Officials, the Federation of Independent School Associations, and the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils…


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And the Chilliwack Board of Education staged an ’emergency’ conclave, no members of the public allowed in, whereafter they disowned the good guy – even though he’d made clear  …

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….that he was not attacking them or anyone as individuals, but rather the sicko Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) 123 curriculum.


Instead of providing help for maladjusted little wretches by means of psychological counselling, it’s all about pandering to their childish delusions.

The President of the BC Teachers’ Federation has chimed in too, some pinko creep named Glen Hansman, showing the tolerance that always marks the Enemy WITHIN, their president saying he should resign.

This all reminds me of that other courageous individual Chris Kempling, who was witch-hunted in BC…


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.Charges against Chris Kempling dropped

…that vile vendetta mentality which characterises the gaystapo in every country, but which we have noticed in particularly virulent form in British Columbia before. Sad, because it used to be such a pleasant place, populated by civilised people.

No longer!

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There’s been an attempt by bilious queers there to launch a petition to escalate the persecution Mr. Neufeld is facing, so I am delighted now to learn that a group of normal people is fighting back.

Please sign up and show solidarity with decency.

We Support Trustee Barry Neufeld!

“Thank You”!


Last week, Barry Neufeld—a trusted and long-serving Chilliwack, BC school trustee—drew the line in the sand against the abuse of both children and the public education system; he said NO to the SOGI Agenda.Predicably, the squawk-box choir chanted their unfounded and tiresome rhetoric of “bigot”, “hate” and any form of imagined “phobia” available.Then the biased media campaign began—the one that plays to a few ignorant do-gooders, but for the majority of people raises the alarm that there is something worth investigating and opposing.It is time for thoughtful citizens, and especially parents of school-children, to send a big “thank you” to Barry Neufeld, and to support him in his courageous stand. Because the sex activist agenda “pushback” has been triggered—big-time.Let’s send a clear message to the radical left-wing sex activists within the BCTF: that they don’t get to abuse our children and the public education system for their political agenda.Let’s stand in support of trustee Barry Neufeld for exposing this dangerous agenda and saying “NO” to child abuse.

Let’s send a clear message to the BC Education Minister, Rob Fleming, and all elected officials that they will be defeated if they support this abusive agenda.

Sign this petition and send a united Thank You to Trustee Barry Neufeld for protecting ALL children and for exposing SOGI 123!

THANK YOU Barry! We support you and stand with you and all the other trustees, parents, teachers and education stakeholders who are uniting to defeat this destructive agenda that is a plague upon our schools.

You are truly what a school “trustee” should be. Bravo!!