Trump Must Tell Macron – Stop Subsidies To Paris Pravda!

Another so-called France 24 ‘Debate,’ with a savagely biased ‘chairman…’


France 24 Host To Newt Gingrich: ‘Shame On You’ 

…whose fanatic far-left bias we have noted before!

If Mark Owen would just come out honestly and say he sees his role as the advancement of the anti-Trump media vendetta..


…one could at least, perhaps, respect Mark Owen, but he is, as we said in that previous post, a maestro of hypocrisy.

When France 24 got started, he made this ludicrous claim –

We’ll deal with the story impartially, give it straight and hopefully we’ll deliver a good product that people want to watch.”

…but fat chance of Owen keeping his word…


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…not when Donald Trump calls for an end to the Diversity Programme!

Here’s Malignant Mark kicking off the Kick-Trump-Fest, the guise of the ‘France24 Debate!’

He disses Trump  – “…some critics of his say he’s wrong .

AND forewarns us that Trump’s arguments will get NO hearing on HIS show!

  ‘…at least one, two, if not all four of my guests agree with that..”

Does a debate no longer require at least two sides?


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Not on France24, with its really fair line-up…


That was the way of it this morning, when Owen hosted radical liberals like an obscure academic, a CFR geezer, no less, Max Abrahms..

“I certainly see a double -standard starting at the top.”  And horror of horrors, Max thinks that some parts of the media are biased, because they focus on the obvious implications of scumbags who holler ‘Allahu Akbar!’

Later, the bigot Owen, speaking as impartial chairman, I guess,  touched on the shock at how Trump made political capital out of the atrocity…


….as if it were out of order for POTUS to assure Americans that he was eager to tackle the root causes of Islamist terror

Owen, on ‘media bias,’ also had us rolling in the aisles when he quivered back to Abrahms, about, oh dear…

the racism of it!

Dumb mutt!

These pinko creeps rant about racism when anyone who knows anything knows that Muslims are not a race.

It’s a religion, stupid!

You can find Muslims who are brown, black, white and yellow.

The Islamist ideology is not about race either. It encompasses dangerous people of all colours and ethnicities.



Let’s not omit Ramzi Kassem, Lebanese-born, now of City University in New York, brains behind something called the Immigrant & NonCitizen Rights Clinic!



This loud leftist at once deplored Trump’s views on the ‘Diversity Programme’ as ‘…counter-factual, illogical, an expression of prejudice..”

He went on to rabbit that Trump’s response was ‘not particularly helpful’ and his prejudiced input escalated into ‘basic scape-goating”..oh, and of course…



….the racist rhetoric of the Trump Administration!

And they had a drip named Jeffrey Hawkins, attacking President Trump. Hawkins was described as ‘a former State Department official.


Gambar terkait


Obama, was it, who elevated this man to an ambassadorship?

He exemplifies the sort of Deep State hostility to the elected President that makes Americans wonder who runs foreign policy, and in whose interests.

“…we need to focus on inclusivity…”

Oh, and Trump makes him “CRINGE..!“.

Jeffrey Ringel was maybe the least strident but still managed to opine that  monitoring undesirables was “against our core values” “and “to talk about opening Gitmo was just a terrible idea…”

So two panellists on each side? Fair and balanced?


FOUR-NIL, against the President of the USA.

Don’t take my word for it – France24 has helpfully put the charade aka ‘Debate’ online…

After the New York attack: Extreme vetting or racial profiling? – France 24

…just watch it!

They seemed especially stressed out by The Donald’s suggestion that the ISIS rape-gang fan who got shot in New York could be sent to Gitmo, a suggestion, NB, that even RINO McCain agrees with.

They are all entitled to their nutjob views, and to broadcast them.


Our French friends, whose taxes subsidise this disgusting bias-machine, should protest at the total repudiation by France24 of the basic principles of objective journalism.


President Trump should use his hotline and politely ask Emmanuel Macron to do something about this Parisian Pravda.

It should be shut down, or at least deprived of all public funding.