English Sunday Arvo? Try Pro-Brexit Wetherspoons!

One most pleasant part of the English way of life is the Sunday lunchtime pub visit.

Many people go to church in the morning then repair to a cheerful hostelry for a good lunchtime session.


Gambar terkait


Some people skip the church visit.

All I have to say today, to readers in England – and this IS an English thing, because it is not a Scots tradition, nor that prevalent in Ulster of Wales, so far as I am aware, is-

Try Wetherspoons!

Just as I urge people to boycott Branson’s Virgin trains and planes…

Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products 

…and that insolent alien’s Ryanair flights…

Again, Brit Patriots – Boycott Ryanair! 

….because they are run by Europhiliacs, so too I suggest support for a business whose boss is an eager Brexiteer!

Look at his beer-mats!


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