Forget Guy Fawkes – Make It St. Theresa Of Transgendria!

Bonfire Night in Britain!

And mostly it’s Guy Fawkes who sits atop the pyre…



But perhaps this year old Guy could be given a break. Traitor he was, but he believed in his cause.

In contrast…


Does Theresa May believe in ANYTHING?

I’m not going to rehash her apparent readiness to open her arms to ISIS rape-gang vermin scuttling back from the Caliphate.


Another T-May Betrayal – Welcome Home, ISIS Terror Pigs! 

Instead, let’s say thanks to C4M for alerting us to this very different but very dismaying Daily Mail story, and to our commenter Keith.

Theresa May has said the Government will seek to “streamline and de-medicalise” the process of changing gender to reflect that “being trans is not an illness.”–Theresa-May-says-vows-reform.html

As C4M warns us, parents who object to primary school age children being taught about homosexual relationships, including same-sex marriage, or transsexualism will not be allowed to withdraw their children from class under current legislation.


Hasil gambar untuk theresa may transgenderIs there any difference?

Jeremy Corbyn praises Theresa May for pushing forward with transgender rights reforms · PinkNews


May wallowed like a warthog in the adulation of sicko celebs at ‘the Pink News Awards in London,’ when she told a star-studded audience that changes will be made to the Gender Recognition Act in order to reflect updated attitudes towards being transgender.

And this woman, lauded by Comrade Corbyn, leads a party calling itself ‘conservative?’

One recalls how she nailed her colours more truly to the mast, exalting ‘liberal’ values, but we’re way beyond mere ‘liberalism,’ much more explicitly cultural marxist, as we know when we listen to her vile commitment to gaystapo indoctrination.

“We are pressing ahead with inclusive relationships and sex education in English schools, making sure that LGBT issues are taught well.


“We have set out plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act and streamline and de-medicalise the process for changing gender, because being trans is not an illness and it shouldn’t be treated as such.”


Of course it’s an illness, an affliction that deserves treatment, therapy, whatever will cure it.

Tonight, across the UK, burn her in effigy, if you care about kids…


Hasil gambar untuk kick her out


…or if you care enough about your country to remove the shame that May brings to it every day she resides at 10 Downing Street.


She has NOTHING to offer decent British people.