MEDDLING! Stop Sorosoids Fouling Canada’s Democracy!

Just read a quite shocking Calgary Herald report on how far-left fanatics used foreign money to swing key marginal seats in Canada’s last federal election.

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The primary villain of the piece is an outfit named Leadnow, but the dark forces behind this clique, those who ‘spawned’ it, have been exposed as a notorious US leftist gang called Tides Foundation…


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…which donated $1.5 million of U.S. money to Canadian third parties in the election year, according to the report. New report alleges outside influence in Canada…

Tides has a record of channeling funds to vicious subversives in North America.

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The Alliance for Global Justice, an organization funded by the Tides Foundation — a George Soros -backed charity – gave $50,000 to help fund a radical-left group that used violence to shut down an event at the University of California-Berkeley featuring Milo Yiannopoulos.Soros-Funded Group Gave $50K to Radical Group Antifa …

So now we know who’s behind the Tides trouble-makers!

As if you couldn’t have guessed?



I live far, far away nowadays, and sometimes think I’d hardly recognise Canada were I to return to take up permanent residence – one example, even the flag’s different!



…but if I can check out relevant info on this particular element of the Enemy Within, so can Canadians back home.

And so they should! A lot of useful detail can be found in this Washington Times story –

 George Soros-Funded Tides Foundation 

or if you prefer to watch and listen rather than read, check out this video – How US Tides Foundation funded LeadNow’s anti-Harper campaign ..

You’d think after all the fake news generated by Russia’s so-called ‘meddling’ in the 2016 election, which in fact seems to have consisted largely of helpfully exposing the hypocrisy and racism of much of the Democrat Party…

Action Alert – Drone Attack On White House! 

…that there’d be a national outcry in Canada over Sorosoid filth inflicting their alien agenda on the Dominion in ways perhaps not all that dissimilar to their grotesque interference in Macedonia and Hungary.

Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 


 George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State? 

But instead PM Turdo seems to care naught, and it’s been left to a brave band to take up the scandal with Elections Canada.

Good luck to Canada’s crusaders – but how many MPs and Senators are on board?


How many have even named the Enemy Within?