Viva Monica Picca! Some ‘Brothers!’

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Another attractive Italian lady, the Fratelli d’Italia party candidate in Ostia, the modern municipality on the site of Ancient Rome’s port, Ostium.

The party name translates as ‘Brothers of Italy,’ not sisters or even siblings, yet their outstanding personalities are clearly gals.

As you can see, Monica’s a proud follower of the party leader, Giorgia Meloni…


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Oh Brother!


… whose gorgeous looks we featured last week.

Bellissima! Will Italian Voters Opt For A Right Beauty? 

Anglo-Saxon countries too have female politicians, of course, but not that many to rival the Italian delights above.

The hideous and haggard face of Mama Stasi Merkel, for example, is a stunning contrast…


…while Nancy Pelosi is a plastic nightmare.



One could readily overlook those looks if the women offered wisdom, but the thoughts ( a charitable  description of their half-baked liberal dogmatism ) emitted by both Merkel and Pelosi are as grimly off-putting as their fizzogs.

Anyway, pretty Monica didn’t win Ostia on Sunday, but there’s a run-off in two weeks which might just see her through.

Good luck, Lady!

BW – In the big regional election in Sicily, Giorgia’s ‘Brothers’ with their coalition allies swept to victory.

M5S, centre right set for Ostia runoff (2)