But Are ITALIANS Celebrating?

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‘Really? We don’t need to work? The dumbos just hand it over?’



Here’s an example of a typical EuroNews headline!

Migrants celebrate arrival in Italy

…about how hundreds of migrants sang, danced and cheered as they reached the port of Crotone in southern Italy on a NGO rescue ship.

No mention of, nor any interest in, whether the people who matter, the people whose country it is…

….are ‘celebrating’ importation of yet more unwanted illegals!

Not a word about all the misery inflicted on innocent Italians!


…although to be fair to EuroNews, they did give us a hint of what Italy’s getting.

A further 400 migrants also landed in the port of Salerno this time rescued by a Spanish ship.

Among the migrants, rescuers found the bodies of 26 women who had most likely been murdered.

PS – Five migrants in the southern port city of Salerno are being questioned as investigators are suspicious that their involvement in the women’s deaths was also preceded by sexual assault, according to the BBC.


And STILL the Italian Government does not confine crimmigrants in secure, locked, guarded detention centres?

Crimmigrants Seize Italian Cop-Shop – Punishment? ‘Specialised African Cuisine!’ 

Not the last time we heard, at least!