Eleventh-Hour Smears Against Moore? Weinstein He Ain’t!

Having issued more than one call for support for Roy Moore in the forthcoming election…

Fighting Hate In Alabama! 

…I suppose I should say just a little bit about the allegations that have suddenly surfaced, less than a month before polling day…


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One of Roy Moore’s accusers worked as interpreter for Hillary …

…allegations that have curiously remained unsaid for many decades, during which time Moore was often a candidate for high office, served as a Chief Justice of Alabama, and must have spoken about standards of morality hundreds of times.

Yet NOTHING was heard from the Clinton campaign interpreter or any of the other newly-talkative types who have now leapt onto the front pages.

I have looked through the reports, and yesterday saw it stated that ALL the Washington Post’s sources for the smears were initially reluctant to speak publicly but chose to do so after multiple interviews…

So it took a LOT of pressure before they’d take responsibility for their accusations?

Those Media-Democrat Party hacks must have really subjected their interviewees to a powerful charm offensive to ensure they got their pre-election story.

But let’s be bi-partisan!

The Republican RINO Establishment has used the unsubstantiated smears as a handy excuse to dump Moore. Their supply of key campaign funding has been suspended for the final stretch.

Their approach to fair play can be exquisitely summed up by Mitt Romney’s disgraceful outburst…


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….which has surely confirmed the conclusion drawn by thinking Americans  – that Romney was deservedly defeated by Obama in the 2012 election.

“Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections.”