“Asylumer’s” Aim -‘Kill As Many German Christians As Poss!’

Prosecutors have said that the Hamburg knife attack suspect wanted to “kill as many Germans of Christian faith as possible…”



So it was not for want of trying that only one innocent was killed by Ahmad A., a 26-year-old Palestinian asylum-seeker, who picked his victims at random but wanted to send a signal with the attack, according to investigators.


No photo, no full name…so we try to help


 As usual, in Mama Stasi Merkel’s terror-scum-friendly haven,  Ahmad the Ingrate A-Hole was a ‘known’ radical who wanted his actions to be viewed in the context of an Islamist attack…


as a contribution to jihad worldwide,prosecutors said in a statement.

Ahmad A., who was born in the United Arab Emirates, came to Germany in 2015. He was slated to be deported after his asylum application was rejected by authorities, but the process was held up as he sought to secure new Palestinian identity papers.

So he was a phoney ‘refugee.’



AND he was known to the authorities!

Be reminded, please!

Hamburg officials say the man was known to authorities as a suspected Islamic radical, but they said he had never been classified as a “threat.”

That makes no sense at all.

If he is suspected of adherence to an ideology which makes murder of innocent people, such as apostates, blasphemers, etc. a tenet of its faith, then…



Oh, but he was seen as a nutjob!

That’s of course a description that can and should be applied to all jihadists, given their bloodthirsty beliefs. .

They also considered him to be psychologically unstable but believed he did not pose any immediate danger.

And so an innocent person died.



Who should get the benefit of the doubt in such cases?

NOT the sectarian freak!

 BTW, I have previously blamed German law for the way the media there cover-up the identity of alleged evil-doers.

But it seems it’s the deliberate choice of the media!

Editor’s note: Deutsche Welle follows the German press code, which stresses the importance of protecting the privacy of suspected criminals or victims and obliges us to refrain from revealing full names in such cases. 

And how!

We must never forget that wicked woman we’ve mentioned before!


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Was that pusillanimous press code her excuse too?