Exploiting Brexit Fall-Out To Push Gaystapo Agenda?

So now the gaystapo is up in arms, or at least mincing furiously, about re-location of two London-based EU agencies after Brexit.

It seems the phoney ‘NGO’ calling itself  ILGA- Europe, which is not in the least ‘Non-Governmental,’ but rather parasitical…

…bloated on funds gouged from tax-payers’ pockets, is throwing a dainty little tantrum about the future of shirt-lifters etc. who work for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA)

We’ve heard of this revolting gang before, but only in connection with the way they feed off YOUR taxes.

EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 


Four candidate countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia – do not offer registered partnerships for same-sex couples. 


  • oooooooooooooHasil gambar untuk Katrin HugendubelKatrin Hugendubel, advocacy director at Ilga-Europe.

  • ========

  • The parasite outfit’s spokesperson, Katrin Hugendubel, is visibly fretting about what happens to the rights of LGTBI staff if the EMA moves to Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, or Warsaw, or if the EBA moves to the Polish capital?

  • I’d have thought the obvious advice to give anxious queers is that if you move to another country, you are obliged to abide by its laws.

  • Otherwise, don’t go there.

  • Even Hugendubel recognises that, despite the pro-homo prejudices of the EUSSR in-crowd…. family law is a national competence…

  • =============

  • And quite right too!


But already Slovakia has crumbled, their Health Minister Tomas Drucker, saying there should be no problem.


However, Poland seems to be made of sterner stuff!

The Polish spokeswoman quoted makes it fairly clear  –

...the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU confirmed rules on marriage and family are “within member states’ remit” – ignoring this website’s question if Poland saw the word ‘spouse’ in the directive as gender neutral.

Sounds promising, especially the sensible brush-off given to the gay-friendly website.

But trouble could be looming, because a very malevolent outfit, the European Court of Justice, is currently investigating.


Meanwhile, we await a decision from Brussels as to where the two agencies will go. November 20th is the deadline.

With the double-talk one expects of the gaystapo gang, Ilga-Europe did not want to give ministers any voting advice. But the lobby group said it hoped the debate would increase “marriage equality” for all in the bloc.

So they won’t give advice on how to vote but hope the debate goes their way?

Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, let’s hope those judges in Romania stop pfaffing around and let the people there vote on the constitutional amendment…

True Solidarity Against Gaystapo – Karen’s Bucharest Battle 

…the only secure way to block the gaystapo dragging that country down the perverse path we’ve seen in France, Germany and Italy – as well, of course, as the UK!