Malaysia, Truly Arabia, Defends Its Permanent Resident!

Some good news about a bad man, even though I see that Malaysia’s Deputy P.M. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has claimed that allegations of inciting terrorism against a rabid fanatic ‘preacher’ were made “out of context.”

However,  this strange statement about Zakir Naik was followed by an assurance that his government would extradite Naik if India made a request.

That’s the good news but what’s bad is that Naik was ever granted Permanent Residency status by Malaysia!

Terror charges against Zakir Naik ‘out of context’,


Terror charges against Zakir Naik ‘out of context’, says Malaysian deputy prime minister


Why do I say so?

Because I’d have thought that the only place this unpleasant sectarian should enjoy permanent residence would be a prison or a secure mental hospital.

There’s surely something very wrong with a man who is on record expounding bloodthirsty beliefs such as that “all Muslims should be terrorists…” or maniacal calls for the…

… death penalty for apostates…


Gambar terkait

…as well as calls for Muslim countries to reject non-Muslim houses of worship.

It doesn’t get much worse than that, and surely not only in the eyes of his putative targets!

What must decent Muslims think about this creature’s hate-speech, which can only incite Islamophobia…



…a phenomenon entirely due to him and those like him, who bring discredit to their creed whenever they open their mouths on subjects like murdering men and women who use their God-given brains to convert out of or into one religion or another.

Let’s hope India gets him back and puts him somewhere his vile voice won’t be heard again.