BBC’s Biased Bryant Fawns On Trump-Hater Baldwin!

BBC’s Newsnight was on yesterday arvo.

Funny sort of day, my social calendar disrupted by factors beyond my control ( no, not a hangover!) so had little to do but amuse myself channel-surfing.

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I had planned to offer selected quotes from the obnoxious smarmy leftist, Alec Baldwin, who made the most of an ‘interview’ (aka party political broadcast for the Media Democrat Party) by using every infantile form of abuse against Donald Trump that he could think of.

But while searching for a photo to use, I found the creep AND a YouTube video of the entire insult-fest.

Baldwin’s bilious hang-ups are his own problem, which a long series of appointments with a shrink might ease.



But why the BBC would wish to give a significant amount of time to the pinko blow-hard is another question, and the answer to that is easy!

They hate Trump and anyone not of their own left-lib ideological bent (ooops…’bent’ may be a bad word to use about the BBC!)

What was much more dismaying was the appallingly unprofessional behaviour of a sycophantic sap named Bryant, who ‘interviewed’ the ranting actor.

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Bigot Bryant


This twerp’s idea of an interview is to nod with simpering smiles whenever his subject makes a point in tune with Beeb-Left prejudice…



…and NEVER challenge any leftist bilge, except when the leftery could be expanded, to encompass more venom.

Not that Baldwin needed much room for expansion!

Even so…

Listen and watch it all, but please note the exchange when Bryant gently reproves him, concerned lest Baldwin’s mockery of the President might not meet the standard of hate-speech the media like to incite.

”…there are many people who regard him (Trump) as an object of fear. But you have made him an object of fun…”



No mention of the millions who see Trump as a man who cares for his country and talks like an American and not like some stuck-up with pseudo-intellectual pretensions. They don’t count, not in the eyes of slimers like Bryant, or Baldwin…



I had never noticed Bryant before, all BBC yappers sound the same, like Pravda castoffs, but it seems I’m not the first person to note his extremism and readiness to slant the news to advance a left agenda.


Nick Bryant – the BBC poet laureate of Barack Obama’s presidency