Freak-Show UK – Teacher Facing ‘Firing’ Squad!

Mother Theresa of Transgendria presides over a realm dissolving into decadence, and she does so not at all unwillingly.


Forget Guy Fawkes – Make It St. Theresa Of Transgendria! 

It’s bad enough that the absurd ‘hate crime’ laws have been expanded to include sexually maladjusted freaks.



But such is the triumphalism of the tranny-lobby, that now, if a hapless teacher makes an honest error and mistakes a boy for a girl – even though the wretched boy has deluded himself into thinking he’s a girl – the errant teacher faces persecution, suspension, and perhaps DISMISSAL!

Or did the teacher ‘mis-gender‘  – that’s the new freak-show word, apparently – a girl as a boy?

Who knows, in the degenerate mess into which Britain is being transformed under the malignant Mother Theresa’s vile tutelage?

A teacher was suspended after referring to a transgender boy as a girl during class.

Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, could now be sacked after the child’s mother complained to the Oxfordshire secondary school about his actions. He had praised the pupil and his friend by saying ‘well done girls’ despite knowing he identified as male.


If anybody should be ‘complained’ about, it ought surely to be that sad young creatures’ mother.

In any wholesome community, any parent so indifferent to common decency as to allow her child thus to affront nature needs to be investigated with a view to removal of custody and control rights.

Good to hear that the victim of this sicko nonsense…



…who is a Christian, is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre.

I only got to know of this when another teacher, a Brit transplanted (definitely NOT transgendered!) to Jakarta, sent me an SMS this arvo, to express his deep dismay.

One can blame the queer lobby, and the British Government, for the evils afflicting the UK, but even evil can be rational.


What’s being done to Mr. Sutcliffe is as much an abomination in the context of reason and justice…


…as ‘transgenderism’ is an abomination in the context of civilised society and mental health.