Marine Risks PRISON For Anti-Rape-Gang Tweets!

So the French National Assembly stripped National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen of her parliamentary immunity on Wednesday?




Because she tweeted pictures depicting violent acts by the Islamic State.   Marine Le Pen stripped of immunity over ISIS images

This is outrageous!

Marine had already been victimised by the Strasbourg Spongers, aka the ‘European Parliament,’ which is just as keen on seeing her hauled into court for making sure people knew the depths of the ISIS rape-gang’s depravity…


…-as she herself puts it, “the horrible reality of their crimes.”

Now her own country’s parliament has joined this shameful witch-hunt.


Everybody knows that jihadists are satanic swine, or should know, and the more reminders are out there on the internet, the better.



Social media should never censor truthful representations which usefully inform people about evil in our midst.

I feel a personal sympathy with Marine, having been banned for Facebook for posting an image of the Cikeusik Pogrom, and I do so again today…



Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!

…here on my blog, which is not subject to geekstapo censorship.



But it seems that for all their bluster about being tough on Islamist terrorism, both Juncker’s comrades and Macron’s marionettes in Paris are, for whatever reason. determined to cover up atrocities, using a ludicrous law to suppress factual photographs.

Vive Marine!