After Weinstein, Now We Read Of Frankenstein!

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Poor Old Monster. Please note, it was his creator whose name was Frankenstein, The monster was actually innocent.

But after all the fuss about the unpleasant Weinstein,  now we must puzzle over whether or not the New Millennium’s Frankenstein is innocent!


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Senator Al Franken was accused Thursday of kissing and groping a TV and radio host without her consent. Leeann Tweeden… Radio Host Leeann Tweeden Accuses Sen. Al Franken

Franken is one of the most obnoxious leftists in Washington.

Petition Against Inquisition – The Left’s War On Christians 

Cheap sniping is his specialty.

It’ll be interesting to see how he weasels out of this.


To his credit, he has now admitted it. Even the far-left Daily Beast has the story.
But no word yet if he will resign, nor do the Media-Democrat Party seem to be demanding his resignation!.