Child-Sex Predators – Danish Double Standards?

Do you watch that new TV series ‘Luther?’

It’s real roller-coaster crime action, with an unpredictable London cop up against all manner of lawless characters.

This week had him hunting for a vigilante, whose activities most of us would find reasonably acceptable, not least his kidnapping of a pedophile, then asking the public if the beast should be put down.


Gambar terkait


The best part was when the cops persuaded one of his victims, now grown up, to make a televised appeal to the kidnapper to release the evil-doer.

She duly shows up in the studio, then urges the vigilante to kill the swine!

Great stuff.

I watched it on Thursday, then Friday I saw this story in The Leftal, sorry, The Local.

Danish paedophile priest sentenced to ten years in prison

Several of the assaults were filmed or photographed…the sentence takes into account the young age of the victims.

Ten years?

Not bad, though life or even death would be better for the filthy beast-priest’s offences, which are described in some detail.

Nobody seems to think it’s too harsh, at least, but is it not strange how monstrous chid molestors in a pastor’s collar are (rightly) condemned, while Danes are told to accept ‘cultural’ excuses when it’s vile alien savages involved.

It was a Green Party gargoyle named Fock who demanded little girls be forced into the beds of primitive adult males…

Dirty Danes Say Pedophilia’s A ‘Human Right? Fock Off! 

…and the outrageous policy was legitimised by invoking a United Nations directive.

Double Standards!

In civilised countries, among civilised people, kids are off limits!.